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Thread: Make a backup image of hard disk

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    Make a backup image of hard disk

    I was wondering if anyone knew a good piece of software that would allow me to create a backup image of my entire disk. I have an 80gb hard drive, and 70gb is in a partition dedicate to my A/V while the other 10gb I use for Windows, CF, maps, etc. Is there a software I can use to just create an easily restorable image of the 10gb parition, so if I had a HD crash I could restore that partition back to its original state? Thanks

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    I've used Ghost to imaged my drive.

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    I haven't had to make an image for a few years now, but I used to use Norton Ghost to make my images.

    I too was thinkg of doing this only yesterday, while I was reloading everythign after a botched driver install ...
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    does norton ghost allow you to save and load your image file from wherever you like? I was thinking of just keeping a copy on my second partition in case windows got jacked up. So would I be then able to restore my first partition from an image file stored on the second?

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    i just used this program called PING (partimage is not ghost) and it works great. download the iso and it will create a bootable cd. all you do is select the partition you want to backup, and then the partition you want to back it up to. it recognizes usb jumpdrives and external drives as well as internal. it took about 25 minutes to to do a 5gb backup for me, and about 15 minutes to do a restore. it works great!

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