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Thread: Sabotaging Centrafuse Users!

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    Thanks guys for reading my thread but its okay now. Found a loophole and wrote a little something to circumvent the problem. Guess i don't need to rebuild after all

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    Quote Originally Posted by sama View Post
    a very daft post, by any measure
    Oooh wow guys, lets all give sama a big high five for his brilliant criticism!

    why dont you give the guy a break? he vented frustration with being forced to reinstall windows thanks to some mickey mouse phonecontrol program flipping out about him rolling his clock back.

    you guys need to grow up.
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    it's not so much the error, it's more the way it's put.

    Sabotage centrafuse? disappointed for pairing with Phoco? messing ur your friends machines by changing the date...

    like most on people on here can probably tell, this guy's disappointment is in him trying to hack the date so he can get around some licence, and he got bitten in the *** for it.

    You can also see that veetid is willing to help, despite bullfrog telling the world the everyone should sabotage centrafuse without mentioning the error in the first place.

    venting frustration? dude... if I wanted to vent anything, I'd start by opening the window rather than telling everyone to sabotage their nose.

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    go sama, go sama



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    like most on people on here can probably tell, this guy's disappointment is in him trying to hack the date so he can get around some licence, and he got bitten in the *** for it.
    He sounds legit to me. I have coded many applications that require me to screw around with the date and time in order for me to test the functionality of my app.

    Bullfrog, please share exactly what the problem ended up being and how you resolved it, just in case someone else runs into the same problem.

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    sama bin laden,
    you know you can't hurt someones feelings. Obviously a troubled person would get so offeneded about someone criticizing software. I understand no one likes there hard work ridiculed but let's just step back and take a deep breath and say "This is obviously a conflict situation that does not need my attention, I will step back and let the appropriate people handle this". I learned that from my kid karate class. Maybe some advice a lot of people could use on this forum is conflict avoidance. Seems to be a major issue here.
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    this issue has been resolved with PhoneControl and will be in the next update...

    closing this thread because the issue is fixed...

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