Hello Everyone,
Just a bit of feedback - I have an Apple MacMini, and had a bit of fun trying to get the hands-free feature to work in CF.

Once the phone rings, or I make a call, I want to be able to have my phone connected via bluetooth, use the handsfree profile, and have mic and speakers functional.

Well, I bought a Gigabyte GN-BT-3D USB BT dongle, and it has default support in the Widcomm drivers, I am using version - don't ask me for it, google for it. It loads the CSR driver, and the PID for the dongle is VID-0A12&PID-0001.

Of course you'd need the legal license to run it, but you can google for results on that. What I am saying is you need no editing of usb.inf files, etc.......just a licensed version of Widcomm BT application and drivers.

After a bit of fiddling, I now have my setup working as it should, audio across carpseakers, and my USB mic working a treat.

The mic is a Plantronics USB 300 PC mic.

Just thought I'd keep you guys posted as to what hardware I setup to get it going, as a few struggled to get full functionality out of the audioGateway/Headset.