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Thread: problem to load POI in centafuse

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    problem to load POI in centafuse

    hello… I am using centrafuse with navigator DESTINATOR, have found a POI for destinator and that is in format .dat and .bmp , but inserting them in the folder of the Italy map , they do not come recognized from the program, and in fact it does not load them, the file that I see in the folder of the Italy map of destinator begin all with: WCE, and I find WCE_A.MAP, WCE_A.COV, WCE_A.TAB, WCE_A.TRL, WCE_A.POI, WCE_A.TMC, WCE_A.DAT, WCE_b1.dat, WCE_B2.dat…
    that conversion I must make? how I can load POI in the software destinator?
    thanks....<br /><br />

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    If you look into the directory that centrafuse creates you will find a directory with a name UserData inside that there is another directory name Favorites. Place your POI data in that directory and not in your map folder.
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    thanks for answer...I have inserted the new POI in the folder advised from TOLISN, but after to have open the program, I find only the old , and the new POI not inserted...
    I have noticed that in this folder there are many file .bmp and one only .dat, name “my favorite” file .dat are many and distinguished for categories...

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