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Thread: CFSpeed Utility and Speed Camera Detection

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    a little bump

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    The CSV file must be in the same format as the attached example file. Make sure you have a minus in the latitude if in the Southern Hemisphere etc.

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    will times test the Plugin. Good work!
    My Project: German/English

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    Audio arlert

    Hi guys tried this app with no success previously, although i didn't really try hard. Just wondering if the audio alert will play over the top of any audio that may be currently playing or can it possibly mute the music to play its alert.

    The reason i ask is with centrafuse favorites alerts it fades the music out plays it's alert then fades the music back in which i really love. The problem i have with CF is it plays the alert at 500 meters then 100 meters which can't be altered to something more suitable like 300 and 150 meter warnings.

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    CFSpeed alone ?

    I all,

    I am sorry but actually i use Roadrunner .
    Is it possible to use CFSpeed alone and with RR or it is just done for CF .

    Thanks for yours answers

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