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Thread: CF used in $2 million car

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    Questions, questions,...

    Quote Originally Posted by AzentekPete View Post
    If there are any more questions, feel free to let me know!
    Yes ;-) When will it be available, what will it cost and where can i get one? Ah, and is this a 3rd party product labeled by you, or is it designed and manufactured by your own?

    That's it for now :-)



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    Hi morten,

    To answer your questions...

    1) Availability - We'll begin fulfilling pre-orders late this year (November/December) and it should be fully launched (readily available) at the beginning of the year

    2) Dealers - It will be available at retailers across the country as well as from a couple of "select" authorized online e-tailers. MSRP is $2499.

    3) Design/Manufacturing - This product was designed 100% from the ground-up by us. It is our design and is an exclusive product that will only be found on the market from us.

    Lastly, I'd like to mention that this is only the first product of our full line of in-car PC products. New models will be debuted for the first time at this coming SEMA (end of October).

    Any other questions, let me know!

    Also, I'm sorry that I didn't get the updated specs up on our web site yesterday. It will have to wait until Tuesday when I'm back in the office and can get on there.

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    could you please be so kind and explain how your Company will handle the startup time of the system? As it seems to be based on Windows I am afraid you also struggle with the fact that the startup time of Windows is much higher then every other "Car Multimedia" Equipment.

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    When the ignition is turned off, the unit goes to sleep rather than turning off completely. That allows for the unit to quickly turn back on when the vehicle is started again - without going through the bootup sequence.

    We have integrated a custom-designed power management system that allows the unit to sleep, while only drawing the same amount of power that a typical car radio uses to keep the clock and memory presets - so there are no worries about having a dead battery.

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    Is that a transflective screen, or just super bright?
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    Any updates on the status of your product? It's looking pretty good and if I'm spending that kind of money, i have to start convincing my wife now (months before release) if I have any chance of getting one
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    Man, I just saw this product in a review of CES. I'm interested if the street price will be much lower than MSRP for the rollout?

    And moreso, you didnt' answer the question about Trans or SuperBrite? Makes a big difference in a lot of our decisions I'm sure. Trans at a slightly higher price would allow us to avoid all that mess with a "superbrite + 3M films" going on in that other thread to glean the benefits of Trans.

    And I know it's been a busy time for you, but do you have any updates for us?

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