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Thread: voice guides at intervals

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    voice guides at intervals

    Hi..I have a problem with centrafuse XLE , the voice guides of navigation goes in jerks, i thought was a problem of processor too much small for the CF, but trying it on the house PC they give the same problem...
    how I can resolve?

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    I have the same problem to, almost all voice prompts break up and the map flashes between day and night skin.
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    i only get that problem when the other half is messsing with the setting when im driving.
    normaly the voice prompt comes on then she might click a button and the voice cracks for a sec. i use i 1GHz laptop with 512 ram,

    never had any trouble with the day/night skin though.

    try a fresh install and remember to uninstall the previous install and delete the directory (but save stuff like favourites, etc..)

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    I have the voice jerkiness as well. Mine also affects my music playback, makes it skip about every 10 secs or so, even when voice prompts are not happening.

    I have a 1.3ghz and 1gb ram. Did the priority method mentioned in another thread, still no go...

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    I have not had it stutter yet on my VIA M12000 in my car...

    I have heard it stutter a little on an M1000 if a DVD is playing, or OBDII is connecting and reading sensor data, but with nothing major going on not really...

    What is the music file format playing?

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    mine it jumps already without music in play, with the cd inserted gets worse...
    I have ear there are some procedures in order to improve, you know which are?

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