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Thread: Diagnosing problem with resume from standby

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    Diagnosing problem with resume from standby

    Does anyone know of a way to diagnose a problem that would be causing the computer to hang resuming from standby. About 80-90% of the time my computer resumes just fine, whether it be after 30 minutes or an entire night. But on occasion, for a reason that I cannot determine, the computer will not come out of standby at all. No power to USB devices, no image on the screen, nothing. I have to hold down my power button, force it to shut off, and reboot. This happens regardless of whether CF is running or not, and I have tried different combinations of navi running/not running, music playing/not playing, etc. Is there any way to keep a log of startup and shutdown of devices to see if it could be related to this? Any help would be appreciated.

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    hmm.. listen like a Memory Problem. Do you have the chance to change the memory for testing?

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    yea ive got 2 x 256mb in there right, i could try pulling one out then the other....

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