Hey folks, i've done some searching and found this:

but it didn't help - I have the same problem. I'm running CF 1.2 demo, with the tv plugin. I am using a pinnacle usb/tv adapter. I get video in CF under the TV section, but no audio is heard.

For video device, I've selected: PCTV 300e/800e device
For Audio device, I only have: conexant AMC audio (my laptop's sound card)
Video Source: Video tuner
Audio source: i've tried them all, from line in - to tuner audio - to mic...

I tried going into windows audio control, and making sure mic wasn't muted...

I get audio using pinnacle software, just not through CF. if anyone can help - this is the only thing stopping me buying CF. if anyone has an idea... please shoot it my way. Thanks!

Compaq V5000
Norfolk, VA