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Thread: Display CF main interface on display other than primary?

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    Display CF main interface on display other than primary?

    I wasn't able to find the answer via search, but is it possible to have the main Centrafuse interface start on a display other than the primary display #1?

    The reason I ask is as follows:

    I currently have a 7" display installed in my car, but the carpc is not installed. I've got a notebook that I'd like to use until I finally get the rest of the carpc hardware installed; the notebook provides extended screen/multi-monitor support to an external display connected to the VGA port.

    As far as I can tell, the dvd, video, and visualization can be moved to another display, but not the main/media or navigation interfaces.

    Is it possible to have CF completely default to another display? Perhaps there is a command line switch that I'm not aware of?


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    Under the Windows display settings, set the 2nd monitor as your main monitor. There should be an option to check that says "This is my main monitor".

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