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Thread: Dial Up Networking

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    This has never worked for me. I click on the connection box to set up the connection in CF but it just stays there and doesnt let me choose a DUN connection.

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    Dial Up Networking

    I had an error to look into I'm trying to reproduce and wanted some feedback... It was that Dial Up Network did not always work in Centrafuse, possibly when some parameters are added? Also had it written that if completly setup in Windows and then selected in Centrafuse it worked, but this was an issue when setting it up in Centrafuse?

    any users having these issues?

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    Dial up networking? whats that? :P

    never tried it

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    Probably you need to make this connection shortcut as `Default` and then go to IE and mark butoon in settings `Use this connection` or something like that. Also there is brobability that GSM-network doesnt work correctly in your area. Note, that when BS`s are loaded more then 70% they cancel GPRS at all.

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