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Thread: centrafuse licensing issues

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    centrafuse licensing issues

    I am finally right about satisfied with my hardware configuration of my carpc. I have used centrafuse in the past and loved it and am ready to invest money in either centrafuse or streetdeck. only problem is i would love to test centrafuse out with all the new hardware before i shell out the money for it. i know it has been covered before but none of the fixes appears to work so that i can trial the newest centrafuse before i buy it. i have streetdeck running now and i dont like it as much as i liked the old centrafuse so i'm hoping it likes the new hardware so i can stick with this frontend.

    i appear to have lost track of my main point in that post. i want to know how i can COMPLETELY uninstall the old version i have so that i can install the new version of centrafuse without the license expired problem.
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    if you update versions you will get 30 additional days for the trial...

    I will have 1.47 ready later today or tomorrow, this should reset your trial...

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    thanks for the quick response david, ill be looking forward to the new release.
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