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Thread: Centrafuse 1.47 Update

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    wow.. what the heck?

    This is XP SP3, right? Is it XP Home? I wonder if SP3 turned off the error reporting stuff? Those dialogs just don't look complete.

    Well crap... Thanks MS - there's nothing here to work with. Any chance of there being something in the application event logs (see above) around the same time that you're generating these errors?
    :: Mark

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    Well its Weird...

    I have another Program that Crashed a Couple of Days and it had the "show details about this error" link but i do not know why?

    And I cannot find any logs or anything on the Error?
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    Does windows XP put it in the system error log? ie, in administrative tools, computer management, Event Viewer.

    (only got a vista machine here at the moment)

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    sorry for being away for so long... I was in/out of town and flying all over the place...

    we are working hard on 1.48, I have taken notes on all issues posted in this thread and I'm looking into all of them...

    also went back and read every post since the last time I logged in and respond to all of them...

    will post more details about the next update as soon as we have them, waiting on the stack vendor, but have the new installer built and everything ready to go once we get it integrated...

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    Just wondering if anyone else noticing the cross fading to be a bit choppy at times? Not sure if it is specific to certain song files. Ive had this happen with my old celeron 850 as well as my new via m10k system so I dont know if this is system specific. Or perhaps it is because both carpc systems Ive had are slow? My mp3 files are mostly 320kbps.

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    I had the problem as well, but I'm not really sure what solved the problem.

    The first few seconds of almost every song would be choppy.

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    Question.. I have tried to install 1.47 a few time and I keep getting a error saying there is a corroup file. I have tried downloading it on 3 pc's and same problem. Any idea's?
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    Install times my secured version 1.47! I archived all versions. Still different have the problem here in the forum, with the incorrect file.

    Download Centrafuse V1.47
    My Project: German/English

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcelP View Post
    Install times my secured version 1.47! I archived all versions. Still different have the problem here in the forum, with the incorrect file.

    Download Centrafuse V1.47
    Thanks for your help. That worked great. Now just got to wait on HD Radio & Ipod support and I will be happy.
    2004 Sport Trac PC Project.

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