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Thread: Automatic dimming in Centrafuse

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    Automatic dimming in Centrafuse

    I don't know if this is a crazy/complicated idea or something simple but, it's my first post and first suggestion so, please be kind!

    I know that some folks have gone through the process of hooking up a light sensor and tying it to various front-ends (with varying degrees of success) but, would it make sense to have Centrafuse be able to automatically dim the display (or switch to night skin) just when the sun sets?

    The Carputer (and therefore Centrafuse) knows what the time is. It knows what day of the year it is. It knows what Time Zone you're in. It seems like it would be simple enough for it to know when the sun sets.

    To add some flexibility, maybe you could select number-of-minutes before/after sunset to dim.

    What do others think? Stupid idea or not?


    P.S. I know that Centrafuse will switch to night skin at a predetermined time but, 8 pm is way to early to dim the display in June but, way to late to dim the display in January so, you're constantly bumping the time.

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    That is a great idea. I know some programs use your position on earth to determine sunset/sunrise. You can du this by entering latitude and longitude degrees. I have used Gammacontrol but it is not very stable.

    I would love to see this implented in Centrafuse.

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    If it were done, I'd really like it to be independent of external information (i.e. GPS). My car has factory Nav so, I'm not going to be installing GPS in my Carputer; just using it for the cool Multimedia stuff.

    It wouldn't be perfect but, it would be pretty darn close just about every day!

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    It might be simpler hooking an external input, such as lights-on to acheive this. Most motherboard still have parallel ports, or, better still, why not have it input to your system via Fusionbrain, and then CF can hook it from there.

    I am sure David/2k1Toaster and his team can make it work pretty easily.

    Great idea though!
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    That is was, I is also for the idea of "mrbean_phillip". To convert over the parallel haven it!!

    David, which you say to it?? : -) How do you solve the "Dimm problem"?? Manually??

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    Relatively easy

    I am sorry but I have not programmed in over 20 years so I will only give someone the right direction and not the complete program. A routine for automatically dimming and brightening with sunset/sunrise is very easy and I would have thought it was standard (my Garmin Zumo does this so why can't our FE programs?)

    Here are two links for those programmers willing to 'learn':
    Sunrise/Sunset Algorithm
    Sunrise/Sunset Algorithm Examplethm

    For those willing to read some BASIC and put it into proper code, with the inputs extracted from the GPS NMEA string and adjusting time zone based on Longitude/15 from Greenwich, here is an old shareware program from decades ago:
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