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Thread: Locked and can't unlock

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    Locked and can't unlock

    I have used centrafuse for ages, brilliant software. I have recently bought a serial number for it too, put the number in, unlocked the software and all was well for weeks.....But not anymore. I reset my pc and now it is asking for an unlock code.
    It says the serial number is correct but I need to enter unlock codes. I registered my product thinking I might get something in an email, but the email I received simply said thanks for registering.

    So now I can't do anything with CF.....brilliant, best waste of money I ever did.

    Anyone else had this problem...know where the codes are from?

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    Probably a quick fix. Email flux support, they will solve this.

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    you can do online activation and it does not require an unlock...

    if you still have issues you can email support or call and we will get it worked out ASAP...

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