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Thread: Use CF (GPS) to update pc clock

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    Use CF (GPS) to update pc clock

    This would be a nice feature that i would love to see added to CF. My pc clock is really bad, and having CF to pick up GPS time and use it to update the pc clock would be awsome. It should also be able to add and subtract time offset, like +1 hour when it gets the GPS time. I have tried several programs but none is good or adds 1 hour.


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    I had the same problem and replaced the CMOS battery and it was resolved, have you tried that yet?
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    That was actuallt my first thought, but i own an infill g4 and it seems like other owners also have this problem. I have a program called gpstime but it does not add 1 hour to my time.

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    getting time from GPS is not perfect, it is not accurate lots of times, especially if you are close to a time zone or in a region during time changes such as DST...

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