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Thread: Two Cards / Mixer setup ?

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    Two Cards / Mixer setup ?

    I'm trying to use two sound cards.
    I have a default card playing GPS voices and the second one for audio and video.
    I just have two qestions. When sound device ( in Audio / Video setup ) is changed for the second card it is only applied to the audio playback. Mixer is controling a default device and video is beeing played on the default device as well.
    Is there any way to change it?

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    the next release has a file where you can set the sound card device to use for inputs and the mixer, so this should solve that issue...

    the EQ will work on whatever you set as the audio device in settings, you should be able to change this now...

    GPS voice, Video, and DVD will all play through the default playback device... We plan to look into this, but currently this is the only way it works...

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