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Thread: Question about CF 1.50

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    Question Question about CF 1.50

    Hi David,
    I see the video guide on youtube about (I think) new release 1.50 of CF.
    My question is:
    In the new release dou you think to improve the tv plugin?
    In this moment (with 1.47 release) I have some problems with my wintv usb.
    Many thank for your hard work

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    good call my friend! the video is awesome! here it is in case any of you want to watch it, I would highly reccomend it!


    I cant wait for 1.5 now. I am very eager to see the bluetooth/phone support!
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    Yeah the gestures look really nice...

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    But why do they work only when started from status bar? I think this corrupts the whole idea of gestures...

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