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Thread: Centrafuse 2.0 RC1 - Issues

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    Centrafuse 2.0 RC1 - Issues

    I just installed 2.0 RC1, on my latop. So far have 2 problems...
    - Every minute or so CF just freezes ( not using CPU )
    - Centrafuse does not recognise my sound card

    Other than that looks ok. Do you have a list of added options and explanation what they do?

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    WHen you say"freeze", do you have to kill Centrafuse to gte out? Or does it just freeze for a certain amount of time? Run Centrafuse with the -logevents command line option. Reproduce the issues. Then post your centrafuse.log and any error.log files, and we can go from there.
    As far as your sound card, does it work with the Windows mixer? If it works with the Windows mixer, it should work with Centrafuse.

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