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Thread: HD Radio in Centrafuse

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    HD Radio in Centrafuse

    I havent tested it yet... in the new RC

    this is to the Centrafuse developers

    there is a new dll, the one in the rc i downloaded today is it very very old
    there is a dll which fixed a HD-3 issue, and from a few stuff fixed

    somone please from CF development, please contact me...
    there is NO API change, except 1 minor thing, subchannel count...

    i will send the new dll...

    also I would have been nice to have an email, asking if its ok, to distribute my .dll.
    Its perfectly OK, but an email asking would have been nice


    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    will contact you, Reagan had been touch I thought... I will email you this afternoon...

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