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Thread: Any girder experts out there?

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    Any girder experts out there?

    I've been using girder + usbuirt + pac-swix to handle my steering wheel to centrafuse commands. I've got it working to control volume, skip tracks, change to meida menu/navigation, etc.... all the basics.

    What I'd really like to do is figure out how to get girder to send commands based on what state CF is in. Example: if centrafuse is playing the radio, i'd like my next/previous buttons to send the seek up/down radio commands instead of the next/previous track and switch back once I'm no longer listening to the radio. Other things like special commands when I'm in the phone section, or navigation section would be great too. I think all I really need is a way for girder to query some information from CF, anyone done this before or have any ideas?

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    I've not had a proper look at this yet..... do you have a list of the keyboard short cuts to hand ?

    I was hoping that there was an easy way of doing this....


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    I have been planning to use one of those for my setup. Will the pac-swix work for all steering wheel controls?

    How did you program the pac-swix, teach it signals from a remote or something and configure them each with girder?

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    Can you just change the keyboard shortcuts in Centrafuse, so that for example, the "Radio Seek Up" key is the same as the "Next Track" key?

    Other than that, I think you might be able to set Girder to change its state based on the remote signal you send to switch to Radio, Music, etc... but I haven't done that myself and it's been a long time since I played with Girder.

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    Iím using my steering wheel control, and I have an Infill G4. For setting up I fairly simple with this unit, but Iím properly havening the same problems as you. I wish to have different commands for my keys depending of what state Iím in i.e. DVD, NAV, Media extra.
    For applying the same actions in shortcuts keys, is not working, as CF is reading "from the top" of the shortcut key list. I.e. next track (next song) comes before tune up (radio) itís always reads the next track command when applied.
    The solution for this is to my believe that the CF people have to make a XML file for shortcuts keys at each state. Thereby when playing media it only reads the xml file for shortcuts for media, and radio only XML fill for radio shortcuts.
    Another point is to have a press hold action command, so each key can have two functions i.e. in media press one time next song/track and press and hold for 2 sek fast forward.

    Cheers Sunaj

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    I dont know how hard it would be for Flux to implement this in there next release, but it would be awesome if they could. This is really a functionality that everybody who has steering wheel controls would use. I have placed a link for this thread over at the Flux forums, hopefully its not a biggy for them to do.

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    That sounds itself well, hopefully can it soon be implement.

    @David: I need also still another Hotkey for switching between Day and Night-Skin!
    My Project: German/English

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    I agree it would seem easiest (for me anyway ) for centrafuse provide the ability to change hotkeys based on what "location" you are in/device you are using. Developers, does this seem like a possibily? Or could anyone make a plugin for girder that would do something similar?

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    a plugin could be made, and the hotkey based on section is possible... it does it now with Video, Media, and DVD for play/pause and next/previous I believe, just needs more features...

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    Is anyone with plugin skills readin this thread, or should I post this topic in the plugins request section?

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