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Thread: Bluesoleil not licensed

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    Bluesoleil not licensed

    I installed centrafuse rc1 and attached my cheapie BT dongle ( which came with an older version of Bluesoleil, currently uninstalled). After it installs i get a message that

    This copy of BlueSoleil is not licensed and is not eligible to receive the full range of product support. BlueSoleil is running in evaluation mode now and only 5MB data can be transferred.

    Please advise

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    This is normal message, because in this release there is the evalutation copy about bluesoleil drive.
    In the final 2.0 release of CF ,this message will be remove.

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    will i only be able to use voice for 5 mb in this version??

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    this is temporary until we get the Bluetooth licenses loaded into our system and delivered out to existing customers...

    we are working to get this done as soon as possible...

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