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Thread: MP4 Tags Album Art not working

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    MP4 Tags Album Art not working

    Hi I'm sorry if this has already been covered but i didn't see any post about it when i searched. I recently imported all my music into Centrafuse and i noticed that none of the Album Art for my MP4 files shows up. The files all play fine but the album art just doesn't appear in Centrafuse. I used Mp3tag to add the album art to the MP4 files. Any ideas on how to fix this

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    is the art files inside the tags?

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    I believe so but i'm not sure. I used a tagging program Mp3 tag to edit the MP4 tags and as far as i know it works with MP4 as it reads them and appears to edit them. This might be a stupid question but how do i check if the art file is in the tag for sure. Do you know of a better program i could use?

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