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Thread: MAJOR RC2 heads up from FLUX forums

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    MAJOR RC2 heads up from FLUX forums


    Quote Originally Posted by smeesseman
    It has been found that you will need to uninstall Centrafuse 2.0 RC1 before installing RC2, the "upgrade mode" of the installer did not work properly and is not updating all files necessary.
    Quote Originally Posted by David
    If you are having strange issues and Centrafuse not working, this is most likely because you said NO to installing Bluetooth, which is causing the issue...

    we are working to fix this and release an RC2.1 as quickly as possible...

    a reinstall and saying YES to Bluetooth will also fix the issue...

    :: Mark

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    thanks for moving this over here, was about to post...

    we have resolved most of the issues... we are waiting on some translations, and fixing a few other issues found and plan to release an RC2.1, or maybe RC3 within days to fix these issues so we can get everyone focused on easy installs, and getting the small bugs worked out...

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