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Thread: VFD INFORMATION to create hud

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    VFD INFORMATION to create hud

    Hello David,
    i would like to know what kind of settings (fieldnames) i can setup on the VFD and if it's possible to choose a VERY BIG fonts....

    My goal is to use a 4x20 LCD to create a HUD (lighty indication on dark background, and a little electronic pcb to control the contrast of the LCD following the external light variation).

    I want to use a reflective principe on front glass or on a simple transparent laser sheet printing (it work very well , i've tried with my cell phone and the full view is not impacted except my cell phone is not enough bright).

    The indications on HUD should be speed and direction (like BMW serie 5).

    Good thing for future version, all urgent messages could popups on it (Gasoline, ODBII diag, TMPS, radar rear, incoming call or message notifications)


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    we currently only support HD44780 devices, you can see all the available options if you go to Settings/VFD and add a new output, choose the row/column, then you will get a list to choose from, this list is what is currently available...

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    Hello David,
    My mistake, the -advsettings was not adds to the shortcut.

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