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Thread: FluxMedia forums problem

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    FluxMedia forums problem

    Is anyone else having problems getting on the CF forums site? It's just timing out on me.

    Just wondering - I had a similar problem with their main site the other day, but the forums were fine. Now it's reversed...

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    Yup...I couldn't get into the Fluxmedia forums last night either. And it was VERY frustrating because that was the night I picked to upgrade my CF and get my Bluetooth registered/working. Of course, the only place in the world that has the directions on what to do with the Bluetooth registration key is on the forum!

    I managed (after 20 minutes of screwing around) to figure it out on my own. Upon looking at the (now working) forums this morning, I discovered that I did it a way totally different than the Fluxmedia directions! Oops...oh well, it worked.
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