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Thread: poi approach - before buying it

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    poi approach - before buying it

    before buying this promising piece of code i wanted to be sure that:
    a) point of interest approach warning is
    1. working without maps/navi software (don't want destinator because is way too old fashioned and not good coverage in good old europe)
    2. therefore it does approximation warning not taking map data into consideration (which actually is bad because good warning are only working with map data but i don't want destinator as mentioned above)
    3. there is not only a beep-beep (audio) warning but also flashing, fancy visual warnings (don't want to blow up my speakers with that ugly beeps when playing loud music and visual warnings are more recognizable while driving even if not looking at screen all the time => must be blinking)
    b) what media player is used to play all format on low end car pc configuration
    c) i use garmin mobile pc. simply the best pc navi software here for switzerland - easy to use, good routing, up-to-date maps, fast, not using much resources - doing its job best. is it now embedded in centrafuse with an osk. if not this is a no go for centrafuse and i have to stick with roadrunner

    thx for answering. cheers.

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    There's a plugin called POIWarner that works independantly of the NAV side of Centrafuse.
    Look on the Centrafuse site under plugins.

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