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Thread: Subaru SSM - Working!...almost

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    Jan 2008
    yeah... gay...

    now I have to find a 1.3 tactrix cable -- cause i don't want to spend that much on the 2.0, and it's not even out yet.

    if i ever get one, i want to develop a better looking Centrafuse plugin, similar to lumberjack.

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    Dude, the Tactrix 1.3 has been out for days...

    Anyways, integration of the info the cable provides has been missing. ****, I posted source of the Windows Mobile interface to the Tactrix over a year ago on, but nobody moves on it. I don't have time to bother.

    The real issue is these guys that have been doing ECU dissasembly for years (Bez and jcs and Hamish ;-) These guys are closing in on making the Tactrix cable a real time tuning tool. Just look at the latest Evoscan

    You can buy a Tactrix cable right now, I believe. Search's Evoscan forum...
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    ^ thanks... i've been looking at the tactrix site... i didn't know the evoscan site sold the cables.

    google failed me

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    (i know... old)

    I searched and searched... I can't figure out how to open this IN centrafuse 2.0

    I'm home from surgery and they have me all drugged up. so maybe i'm missing something?

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