Version 2.0.806 - 2.0 Final Build

Only Full Installer Available.
Please note this is the 2.0 release and we are asking users to please perform "fresh" installs (see note on fresh installs below) using the new final 2.0 installer.

RC7+ Bluetooth Stack Update V6.2.227.10
If you are running a Centrafuse version older than RC7 - The Bluetooth stack has been updated!!
The CF installer includes a new version of the bluetooth stack if currently running a centrafuse version below RC7, and will be the stack released with the final 2.0 product.
Important Note: Before installing from the installer, it's a good idea to manually uninstall the last version of the bluetooth stack on your computer (Bluesoleil 6.0.227.). Or if you already have this version of bluesoleil installed, you need not reinstall bluetooth again.
Very Important Note: Installing the new stack software will delete your current pairing from your computer. Be sure to delete the pairing off of your phone too, before trying to repair in cf with the new stack install!!
Next Bluetooth Stack Update: Will hopefully include integrated contact/phonebook support and sms support. Integrated software Echo Cancellation / Noise reduction will follow.

Map installers for 1.20 maps will be available on your MyAccount page in the upcoming days. 2.0 Map Updates will be available soon for an upgrade fee.

Log writing by Centrafuse is now OFF by default. If experiencing issues with Centrafuse, and you need to submit a bug report with a system report, you will have to enable the logs in settings now. General Centrafuse logging (most important) is in General Settings, Bluetooth logging is in Phone settings, SatRadio logging and OBDII logging are in their respective settings screens. All log settings are advanced settings. You can also enable all logs by passing the -logevents command line parameter to centrafuse on startup, which will override whatever you have set in settings for the various logs.

We have added a new cmd line param, "-disable3rdplugins" (w/o the quotes), which will, when passed, cause all 3rd party plugins not supported by Flux to not be loaded. This will be useful for users to see if any of their 3rd party plugins are causing issues with their centrafuse installs. It will also be required to be used after the official 2.0 release when submitting bug reports, more info on that coming soon.

In an effort to reduce the amount of false bug reports posted and increase productivity time for the developers, we will be implementing a new set of rules when submitting bug reports. Please use the link below for more information.

To upgrade your 1.20 license to a 2.0 license, visit your My Account page. If you do not see your license key on your My Account, please contact Support.
From the My Account page, click the UPGRADE KEY link below to produce your new 2.0 license key. To install the Release Candidate for 2.0, follow the instructions below for performing a fresh install.

Centrafuse 2.0.806 is the final 2.0 release, and contains some bug fixes to RC7. Although this is a stable build, there are still some lingering user-specific bugs that we are currently working on, but nothing that affects a majority of users/customers.

If using Full Installer - Note that we recommend a "fresh" install for all 2.0 installations (see "Performing a Fresh Install" below).

1. Uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse
2. Unplug any bluetooth dongle
3. If installing bluetooth, and you had to add your own entries to the bluetooth driver files for your dongle, be sure to save your ini/inf files.
4. Uninstall any previous versions of Bluesoleil (if older than any other bluetooth stacks or software on the system
5. Remove CF settings directory from your LocalAppData folder if still there - “Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Centrafuse” directory (vista), or “Documents And Settings\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\Centrafuse” (xp)
6. Remove Centrafuse runtime directory if still there - "Program Files\Flux Media"
7. Reboot Windows
8. Install Centrafuse 2.0 RC*
9. For NAV customers, install your maps using the 1.0 map installer in your MyAccount page.
10. If Bluetooth was installed, copy the modified ini/inf files back into the bluesoleil USB driver directory (if applicable)
11. If Bluetooth was installed, re-insert any bluetooth dongle, make sure gray Bluesoleil icon in Windows system try lights blue
12. If Bluetooth was installed, delete any old bluetooth pairings off your phone if using BTPhone in CF.

If you are experiencing difficulty with our Bluesoleil stack and it recognizing your BT device, please see the below link to add support for your dongle. You must follow all instructions carefully, if you do do your dongle will most likely end up working (no guarantees though :-))

It is recommended/required that you remove all other bluetooth stacks/software/drivers from Windows before installing Centrafuse (if you will be using Centrafuse Phone feature). As with most driver installs for a USB device, your USB bluetooth dongle should not be inserted before CF Bluetooth is installed. So, remove your bt hardware, uninstall any existing bt drivers/stacks, install CF, then re-insert your bt hardware.

The Bluetooth stack provided with the CF 2.0 TRIAL (full installers) is a trial version and currently has a 2 MB transfer limit. If after a few minutes of active phone call(s) the Bluetooth stops working, you will need to restart your PC to re-initialize the Bluetooth driver. This is only a limitation of the BlueSoleil trial edition that ships with the trial edition of Centrafuse. Serial Numbers to license the Bluesoleil stack and remove this limitation are now available to registered users through My Account pages. Please see the following thread and follow the instructions carefully to register the bluetooth stack on your system

1. Delete the pairings from both your phone and Centrafuse (in CF just go into phone settings / device list and click the '-' button.
2. Give your phone a power cycle, and give Centrafuse an exit and a restart.
3. Re-pair your phone and CF, try initiating the pair from your phone, not from Centrafuse. Or on another try, initiate the pair from Centrafuse, but type in incorrect pincodes the 1st time to make pairing fail. Then click 'PAIR' button again, and go ahead and type in matching pincodes to create pair.
4. Save out of settings. See if this makes any difference.

*** 2.0.806 RELEASE NOTES ***

2.0.806 contains a few bug fixes to RC7, and is the final 2.0 release. We are asking our users to install "fresh" (see above) copies of Centrafuse and not install over existing RC installations.


* 2 NAV lockup issues
* External application embedding code improved
* Fixed bluetooth crash after bluetooth sdk api fails
* Fixed issue with Language, Keyboard, and Skin '+' button causing exception
* If adjust windows volume while cf is minimized, volume dialog opens and gets stuck and will not go away.

*** DOWNLOAD 2.0.806 HERE ***

2.0 Installer

If you are already a customer, please log into your 'My Account' page and download there:

Scott and the Flux team!