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Thread: BlueSoleil Full for Centrafuse

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    BlueSoleil Full for Centrafuse

    BlueSoleil 32bit OS


    BlueSoleil 6 includes all the features of BlueSoleil earlier versions.
    Besides, it can back up your contacts, send messages with your computer without taking your phone out of your pocket. You can also send contents in web pages to your Bluetooth phone directly by just select and send...


    Contact management
    -- Backup/restore Bluetooth phone's contacts to/from computer
    -- View Bluetooth phone's contacts on computer
    -- Edit/delete/upload contacts
    -- Type and send SMS from your computer
    -- View/backup/delete SMS on Bluetooth phones



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    What is the purpose of this post?

    This is going to be very misleading for Centrafuse customers. This update will not work with Centrafuse. The BlueSoleil build for Centrafuse is different from that available on the BlueSoleil web site.

    Please provide an explanation as to why this was posted, otherwise I'm going to have to delete it to prevent further confusion.
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