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Thread: iPhone support - Any update?

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    iPhone support - Any update?

    Last I read this was not available but was in the works... Any update on it? I was going to just ignore that and sync the carpc library with my desktop library which is now all in apple format... But the aac/m4a support on CF really sucks which is holding me back quite a lot...

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    we are looking to add the same support we have for iPod with iPhone/iTouch as soon as possible...

    Centrafuse can play all non DRM AAC/M4A files fine if you add the additional file to the folder "bass_acc.dll", we cannot distribute this right now with the installer...

    as for playing DRM protected iTunes music, that is not our fault, email Apple and tell them they should allow companies access to support this format...

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    Centrafuse plays the files fine but it doesn't seem to pick up on the song info and doesn't support album art etc so importing a large library of those files really is a woeful experience that really does need to be improved as these formats will probably only get more popular, I'm not a fan of them but unfortunately that is the way my library has headed since the purchase of an iPhone..

    Will iPhone support have album art etc?

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