I am in the process of switching over from Road Runner to Centrafuse. I have had CF in the car for the second day in a row now and I am pretty impressed. CF has come a long way as far as stability and features. When CF first started a few years ago I was pretty psyched because the graphics were really nice and the future was bright because it was going commercial (money brings features). Now that it has been commercial for a while now the CF team has had the resources to put together something pretty nice and nice enough to make me switch back from a free system.
RR was great, but really had a lot of bugs and the operation was not as nearly as smooth as CF is.
So again Hello neighbors, I hope that I will be able to contribute to the developement of CF as much as I was able to contribute to RR. Hopefully more.
The only thing I am a little concerned with is that CF is a commercial product and any pluggin I make or skin I write may be used to market CF (directly or indirectly). Kind of an idea I dont care for. Oh well that is the give and take.