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Thread: Update from Flux

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    Update from Flux

    I just wanted to come over and give an update from the team... We have been very busy working on Centrafuse... You can get the latest information always on the Flux forums...

    There has been a 2.1 release that you can read about over there...

    Also we will be posting Centrafuse 3.0 details soon as well as a sneak peak video of the new interface really soon, check for it on the new News section of our website we are working on...

    If you have bugs to report with Centrafuse it is always best to open an official bug Report in the Bug Reports section of the Flux forums, these are checked by the developers and have a standard form that makes it easier to keep up with fixes...

    Stay tuned for lots more great things from the Flux team and Centrafuse...

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    Is there going to be an internationalization (i.e. DBCS) fix in 3.0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by veetid View Post
    There has been a 2.1 release that you can read about over there... Also we will be posting Centrafuse 3.0 details soon
    Out of curiosity, how does a company jump from 1.48 to 2.0 to 2.1 to 3.0?? is 2.1 to 3.0 REALLY that significant to warrant a major version increment or is this just a marketing ploy (and perhaps a way to re-charge for upgrades)?
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    3.0 will not be relased for long time...

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