Hi I wonder if anyone can help me as i have a problem with my ipod in centrafuse. I have a ipod 30gb (5th gen) I used the ipod yesterday and it worked fine, however lastnight i upgraded the firmware on itunes to the latest firmware which is 1.3 and when I came to use my ipod in centrafuse this morning centrafuse just kept displaying the spinning loading circle. I then plugged the ipod into my mates Infill G4 computer in his car and tried to use the ipod in centrafuse and the samething happened again, but when he connected his ipod (same ipod but with firmware 1.2.1) to centrafuse the songs that were displayed were from my ipod and not his however the songs that were displayed wouldnt play, but that may have been because my Ipod wasnt connected.
So im not sure if its the firmware I have that has caused this problem or a virus even though I have scanned the ipod and it appears to be clean.

Has anyone encountered these problems when using centrafuse? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have run out of ideas and not sure what to do.