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Thread: OK, So I got Centrafuse as a Shell...

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    OK, So I got Centrafuse as a Shell...

    I went the registry root due to the fact, for what I use Centrafuse for, I dont want users seeing windows ... EVER. Turning on CF as the shell in options still loads explorer which shows for a few seconds and allows for an exit to WinExplorer. To destroy this issue I just changed the shell in r\the regedit and left the shell option in CF alone! Problem solved! No More Explorer ... and no kernel32.dll load on start, meaning, certain programs I once had running in background to work with my CF proggie now crash!
    Any one have any ideas on how I can run CF without explorer and still get my "taskbar" proggies to run?

    (windows xp spwhateverbill is pushing on usnow ver.(fully updated in other words))

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    I'd create an autoit script whick waits for explorer.exe and kills it when it starts, I think you'll see it for few seconds but maybe it's ok, give it a try
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    You could try this...

    with regedit32 go to
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

    and change from explorer.exe to progman.exe (will give you a win3.11 look but be ALOT faster).

    Note: Have not testet it out, since I'm on a thin client here at work.

    Here is a internal link to something that might give you off to a good start?

    and this site... is all about shells

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