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Thread: manual on how to embed my reverse cam to CF (request)

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    manual on how to embed my reverse cam to CF (request)

    hey guys.
    i have a camera that isnt connected by USB (RCA) with that screen: and CF but i dont know hot to make the reverse cam plugin to start when i put in reverse and exit when i quit revese... please tell me what do i need to do.
    the other thing i want to know is if there is another way to connect the camera, maybe to connect it straightly to the screen.
    please help.

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    i would also like to know, since i want to do the same thing. but i don't think you can do it thru centrafuse if its connected straight to the screen. i would tho would like to it to automatically switch to the cam when i put the car into reverse and to back to where it was, or even the main screen when i put it out of reverse.

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