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Thread: CF3 phone book and call lists not transferred

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    CF3 phone book and call lists not transferred

    I finally found the first frontend that can actually sustain a reliable connection with my phone.
    However, I bumped into a small problem, using the S-E K800i and Nokia 6500 classic (haven't tried others though): the contacts and the call lists do not get transferred into CF3. On the other hand CF1.2XLE and Freefone have no problem doing it.
    Anyone else experiencing this? What could be the solution?
    OS: Windows 7 x86 if it's relevant.

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    I believe this is actually not implemented in CF3.0, although apparently I think it was something that was going to be recoded into the CF3.1 release, which is supposed to be out soon.

    If you have the vcards of your contact list, then you can import the vcards, but CF3.0 doesnt import the info straight off your phone.

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