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Thread: MY Centrafuse stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by creaseguard View Post
    Csfile, are you able to tune to HD stations in CF3? I cannot get them to tune. I've turned off auto right click on the touch sceen and press and hold the am/fm button and can't get the stations.

    I've noticed there are a couple other settings on the touch panel software, wondering if I have one or more of these set wrong so that CF is not recognizing my continuous touch...although the color of the button suggests it is.

    Yeah, for me I still have auto right click enabled. When I try to hold down the button, I just have to keep moving my finger around on the button so the right click doesn't go.

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    I just saw this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by S4per
    Update: my touch screen has, what seems, 2 relevant settings for this: 'enable constant touch' and 'enable right-click'. I've turned both of them off, and so far, the responsiveness and accuracy of the scrolling list feature is at 100%. So - at least for me - seems like issue solved.
    Maybe this may help you as well.

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    I found that if the main frequency is not an HD station, then you cannot tune to any sub stations.

    For example, 103.3 in Dallas is an HD station. Subsequently, I can tune to the sub stations by holding down the fm key and then I can cycle through the stations.

    However, 99.5 is not an HD station but there is an HD substation at 99.5 HD-2. Since the primary station is not HD, CF does not recognize the press and hold to cycle to other stations and does not tune in the HD-2 station.


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