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Thread: Error Dialing Connection

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    Error Dialing Connection

    I am attempting to tether my phone to the PC for wireless internet. I have the tether working correctly in Windows using the Bluesoleil connection.

    If I leave that running and enter Centrafuse I lose my internet connection as soon as it tries to enable the audio connection to my phone for hands free. If I enter Centrafuse and then use the connection status button to connect I get an Error Dialing Connection error. I used the internet setup section and pointed it to the Dial up connection created by Bluesoleil, enteres the correct number, login name, and password. Then checked at it is set to use my DUN connection.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I am on AT&T and my phone is a Samsung Eternity.

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    Ok figured it out. It has to do with my phone. It does not like being connected as both an audio device and a modem. I had to turn off the hands free in Centrafuse then tell it to connect. That works for what I need to do at least.

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