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Thread: CF 3.1 + iphone (bluetooth) ... home phone echo

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    CF 3.1 + iphone (bluetooth) ... home phone echo

    Ok, got my iphone connected but no mic.
    I call from the house and can hear an obvious echo on my home phone.

    Ok, back up a bit.
    I got CF + iphone running.
    Answer the call in the car ... do the "test, test, test" thingy >> get echo ... duh, no doubt!
    Walk a few meters away with the cordless and still here the wonderful echo (have volume cranked a bit in the car to here myself).
    I also put the iphone on top of the car to make sure that I wasn't using the mic by accident.

    I don't get it. How can I get an echo without a mic?

    How ever I did think that this could be useful in other ways ... like a PA System or something to have fun with people. Leave the car with the windows or doors open and then start talking to people walking by. ....
    "Michael, you forgot to say goodbye!"
    "Stand back, KITT is watching ...!"
    this could be a blast! hmmm, is there a night rider skin for CF/RR?

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    ...i assume u use integrated sound card...its the usual problem try lowering WAVE in volume control also try lowering master volume and wave all together and tell me does it happen again?

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