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Thread: recommended motherboard <$150 that is centrafuse friendly

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    recommended motherboard <$150 that is centrafuse friendly

    I've been out of the hobby for some time but im starting a new install and was wondering what a good sub $100 motherboard would be when paired up with the newest release of centrafuse?

    I have an old m10000 laying around but i've read that it's not a solid performer.

    I wont be running gps nav. (possibly gps speed though), will mainly use it for audio but i can see having some video playing on it from time to time and possibly going the webcam dvr route in the future.

    here are some boards that stood out:
    ASUS AT3IONT-I Intel Atom 330

    ASRock A330ION Intel Atom 330

    what are your thoughts on these boards?

    what have you guys had good luck with?


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