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Thread: GMPC - Integration issues

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    GMPC - Integration issues

    Hello All.

    I have been lurking for a while and have completed my carpc. So far it is in the bench-mode fighting all the bugs I have been having. Everything functions now and is powered by M4-atx with no issues. The only issue I have is running GMPC (Garmin Mobile PC) through the centrafuse via plugin.

    The issue I have is the re-sizing problem. I have read numerous threads everywhere and downloaded two different plug-ins to resolve the issue, but still cant seem to integrate it into the Centrafuse.

    I am running Centrafuse 3.0 with GMPC using 2011 garmin-maps.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Well welcome to MP3 car! Congrats on getting your PC up and running without asking a signle question here. I guess you have done alot of reading huh?
    I would suggest taking this question to Centrafuse forums. I think you will get more detailed help from that forum. There are very detailed threads there for each of these plugins. The rebellium plugin is still active and you can get help right from the author of the plugin. The other one is dormant as Nick is no longer available on the forums.
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    Thank you for the kind words Phil. I did extensive reading on before choosing my build and components. It took me 8 months worth of reading and research before I purchased my first part, which happened to be a decent mobo+cpu combo. I am very happy with the way it turned out, except for this one small issue.

    I am running Nick's plug 1.2beta. and it looks similar to this ( which also seems to be a resizing issue.

    I went through the posts on fluxmedia (centrafuse forums) and some have luck, while some dont and they all run different OS. Willem (Believe the creator of Rebelliem, who also assisted Nick with his beta versions) has is own plugin but I had disasterous results with his which led me to uninstall CF and reinstall it again. Basically I am just lost.

    Some Screenshots.

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