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Thread: installing plugin

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    installing plugin

    Hi, I have been trying to install a plugin (usbrelay, v1connect and cfpdc) and im having some issues. I have searched the forums and googled but cant find any answers. I am using CF3.5 trial version and when i try to install the cfpdc(.exe file) it comes up with "cenrtafuse required, but not found. installation abort". for other plugin such as v1connect and usbrelay which are .zip files, i decommpressed them and put the folder on ...centrafuse auto/plugin/... and reopened centrafuse but nothing. Am i missing something?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Most plugins are not yet designed for 3.5.

    My guess the ones you are trying to install are not.

    Use the CFMarket in CF itself to get the current plugins available for CF3.5

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    Enforcer's right on the money. The Market is the place to go for 3.5 compatible apps. Some developers have released updated versions of their core dlls or apps in various threads on the Centrafuse forums, but I don't think many (any) of the plugins in the download section have been updated. If it doesn't specifically mention CF3.5 in the description, it won't work.


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    thanks guys!

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