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Thread: Centrafuse is aggravating!

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    Centrafuse is aggravating!

    I've been running Centrafuse for a few months now, it works OK, but it certainly isn't GOOD. Lately it has been forgetting my music, that's a huge inconvenience. It usually opens up and has the same sources still available, I can just flip through them. Occasionally it will open, scan through the playlist very fast and pretend it sees no music files, deleting them from the screen. The files are still there, I can play them with windows media player, centrafuse just gives up. Sometimes I can go into the library menu, open up an album and play it, sometimes it just scans all the tracks and decides there isn't music again.

    It's also nearly useless trying to browse or find music in my 100 gb collection.

    Why is it so simple to open music on an ipod, but so difficult on a car computer? I'm seriously considering a redesign with an Ipad as the front end and a computer running backup for everything else!

    Anyone else suffer the music amnesia problem?
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    The disappearing playlist has to do with your audio device. Ensure you have a good.connection to your sound card. Had the same issue caused by my audio jack.

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    I have the same problem, my sound card is on board...

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    CF audio player interface just sucks. Plain and simple. Hopefully a light will come on at CF and they will figure out that the lifespan of this product will be significantly reduced if they don't figure this one out. They lost a few loyal followers after the 3.5 release and I suspect they will lose a few more after 3.6 (due out soon). If they don't revamp the media app for 4.0, I think there will be a mass exodus (myself included) I am sitting on 30G of music that is useless in the vehicle unless I preplan my entertainment before a trip and create playlists at home then copy them over through a third party app (they couldn't even get the playlist thing right), it's rediculous.
    I love the CF front end look, the people involved with CF seem great, they just need to get this figured out and soon.
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    wow I haven't had the problem with CF not finding my audio card but I have run into some other issues that I don't like. Things Like
    • better DVD support
    • improved navigation
    • improved media manager
    • the ability to export and import CF favorites

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    As I said, I can play the files through WMP, or any other media player, at the same time as Cf loses the media. I noticed that it had the same behavior when my sound card was off, but its randomly doing it when everything works. For how much they want to charge for it, they really suck at implementation.
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    I have no issues with music.. it seems weird that y'all are having problems..
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    I noticed this problem tonight with my CF install on the way down to the shops. Had a wierd resume from hibernate, and my list of songs just emptied out as if CF couldnt find them (Same as you described OP).

    My fix when this happens, is to do a rebuild on the library, then a full reboot of the system, then start playing music again. Fixes it on my system...Although not much of a fix, given im parking at the shops by the time its rebuilt the library and rebooted.

    And yes....the audio/music side of CF is absolute bulls**t. has made me realise how much money I will save by not supporting CI's shoddy business practices and not buying CF4.x, which is a great thing in my book!

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    Hello Guys, CF 3.6 was released - well worth the try.
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    For the life of me, I still can't figure out why they removed the "Add to Now Playing" feature. I don't want to build a damn playlist everytime I feel like listening to 3 or 4 albums set on shuffle. Besides, you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to build a playlist with it.


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