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Thread: FM Radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by championc View Post
    Does this mean that any device (ODBII, GPS, DVB-T, .........) which runs in Microsoft XP normally will also work in Centrafuse ?

    Also, in Ireland, we only have FM Radio (no HD) so is there a better chance that cheaper USB sticks might work reasonably well ?
    You should check the list of supported radios on the Centrafuse Web site. The Visteon radio receives standard FM broadcasts too. The issue here is the quality of the receiver and antenna. The Visteon is just significantly better than most of the USB stick-type radios, especially in a moving vehicle. That's not to say that if you live near the center of a metropolitan area, and have an exceptionally strong FM signal, that the sticks won't work. But the Visteon will still work better.


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    Im usng the directed HD radio with Mitch's interface cable, works fine in aus for fm and am radio but no hd (not sure if its hardware or software related)
    Mitch's interface cable Im pretty sure has support for centrafuse (Im using riderunner)

    another possible alternative is this

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    i think that signal level and quality can't be decided universally as vegas wrote, telling that all usbs are garbage is not true, i still have my usb silabs, that actually is hard to find, modded to work with a PASSIVE antenna (most likely "newer" cars have an active antenna or double antennas and this makes the quality worse) and it still does its job like a charm here where i live (italy), ofcourse it's not like an oem radio as quality.
    Anyway actually there are newer usb fm devices that are better with newer chip that boost also the level of the gain on rds data
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    Active antennas can improve weak signals, or they can overdrive a strong signal making reception worse. Dual antennas shouldn't ever make reception worse; they just won't improve certain types of bad reception.

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    So to get back to my original question, if a USB FM Radio device can get configured in Windows, should this then work in Centrafuse ? I'm sure that you would have a list pages and pages long if every variant of device which works was listed.

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    The best answer I can give is "maybe"; there are too many variables to consider to give a clearer answer. Your best bet is to go with something that is known to work with your chosen Front End application, otherwise you may find that it's not stable and causes issues that are hard to trace.


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