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Thread: Centrafuse with Infill

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    Centrafuse with Infill

    I am looking to change to Centrafuse from Streetdeck on my Infill T3 (yes its still going strong)
    anyone know if the internal radio module will work with Centrafuse? Apparently there are a couple of COM dll's in the Streetdeck folder that enables the radio.

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    I'm not sure if Centrafuse ever supported the T3, it was before its time, but it definitely supports the Infill G4 through a special plugin app called "Infill", so if there are any similarities (common drivers) they might work for you.

    Check out the Miscellaneous category on the CF Market -

    There's a plugin called Infill that controls (on the G4) the volume/mute hw buttons, tilt/brightness controls (through the software plugin) and also is required to make the AM/FM radio work. AM/FM Radio module for Infill is a different donwload. For that see the Radios section of the Market.

    Hope this helps.
    Formerly from Centrafuse

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