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Thread: Stock navigation on Hyundai Genesis and Sonata Runs Windows CE

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    Cool Stock navigation on Hyundai Genesis and Sonata Runs Windows CE

    I had originally posted this in the hardware forum, but they suggested I post it here because you guys are doing Windows CE development.

    I was reading this thread here:

    And it seems the new hyundai cars come "pre installed" with a car PC running Windows CE. It just needs to be unlocked. I figured you guys might be interested in this.

    They have already started a bit of work on this, but it has gotten a bit stagnant as of late. Here is the project page for it:

    The system runs on a TI OMAP 2430 chip which has an ARM1136 core and dedicated 2D/3D graphics.

    The problem is, it seems to be a bit hard to unlock it far enough to install anything useful. My goal in posting this link here is that I think there is probably a lot more experienced people on this forum, and you might be able to help. I think it would be really cool to have system-level access to a machine that is already patched into the car's ECU and can show live gauges and record engine status along with video.

    The other thing I would be interested in finding out is how feasible would it be to install linux or android on it?

    Well, just thought I would share this little bit of info, I figured people on this forum would find it interesting. Hopefully it will be able to get developed into something useful.

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    The biggest problem with Windows CE is that it is Embedded. If the drivers were not installed from the factory, then you can't install them after the fact to support anything else. We are running into that with our CE stuff. We are having to build a custom CE environment to get the drivers set the way we need.

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