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Thread: Centrafuse and existing FM radio Head unit

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    Centrafuse and existing FM radio Head unit

    Hi All
    would like to find out if any one has connected their oem radio to centrafuse,
    if so what would be the best way to do this, also can a signal be sent from the pc to the phone or mute pin on the radio, i have the ultimate RADIO connected at the moment but my fm signal is so bad that i want to reintsall my oem radio and use it via centrafuse


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    I've never heard of anyone trying to get the radio from a head unit to CF. I don't know if that's even possible. However, if you want a good FM radio, pick up a HD radio. You can get one for about $30, and then buy Mitch's HD-USB cable and drivers, and you'll have FM, AM, and HD.

    So, for about $70 you'll be up and running. That's what I did and I'm extremely happy with it.
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    Thanks for that info, will look into it
    my current radio is a visteon 6500 CD any info on the head unit will be appreciated


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