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Thread: Centrafuse 4 and GPS software

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmw_car_pc View Post
    Actually, 4.2 is released, but a certain Mod (me) doesn't have the correct permissions to post in the "official" release thread, so he has to make due with his own thread (This will be fixed as soon as Reagan gets a chance)

    In the meantime, yes, the current version of Destinator will continue as the "official" packaged nav product as that's the only license CF has. I don't see that changing anytime soon, either. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend that anyone purchase the navigation version of Centrafuse unless they REALLY like Destinator 6. There are several alternatives including Sygic, iGuidance, Garmin and CoPilot that all work with the Standard version of CF and provide varying degrees of integration...from complete (Sygic) to simple embedding (CoPilot) with iGudance and Garmin falling someplace in between. And most of these alternatives (the apps that let them work in Centrafuse) are either free, or very low cost.

    Of course, you have to purchase the navigation program yourself, and some (like Sygic) are pricey. But it is a legitimate PC product, it and its SDK are regularly updated, and while the PC maps are fairly lame when compared to the version available on your smartphone, rumor has it a new map update might be coming soon.

    So yeah, things are changing in the CF world...hopefully for the better. Monthly releases, and public betas on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. The customer feedback loop has tightened up considerably, so its a little easier to figure out where your particular issue sits in the "to-do" stack.


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    Thanks VegasGuy. I'm actually excited about Sygic, just inherently cheap. : )

    I'll give 4.2 a try.
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