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Thread: 2 small (but annoying) issues with CF, need help

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    2 small (but annoying) issues with CF, need help

    Hey guys, I've had my carPC installed in my car for a while now and working great. However there are 2 small issues that I cant seem to resolve;

    1) The YouTube app wont allow me to play many video's. A warning keeps popping up stating that 'I'm trying to view age restricted material'. The app doesnt seem to have any settings to where I need to create an account so it can verify my age, and I'm ceratin I'm properly registered with Centrafuse in case thats the issue. Any suggestions?

    2) The second issue is with the Bluetooth Audio. When the phone is first connected (like when I start my car), I'm able to play music from my iPhone. However, as soon as I switch to my music playlist thats on the computer itself, it wont switch back to Bluetooth music if I decide I want to listen to my iPhones playlist again. I'd have to restart Centrafuse or the car in order to use the Bluetooth audio feature again.
    I've tried playing with a few settings in the Advanced Options menu, however cant seem to get it to work properly. Any help would be greatly appriciated guys!

    Once I get these 2 issues resolved, and configure my mic to work in the car the carPC will do everything I want it to!

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    The first one is the issue with the plugin and the code that the creator wrote. Centrafuse gets a lot of crap from its customers, sometimes rightfully so, but unless a plugin is developed by Centrafuse developers, you won't get any support from them. I also have the same problem with that plugin and I don't think there's a solution, maybe except for just writing a better plugin yourself. Once I finish writing Spotify plugin, I might take a crack at it.
    The second is one of those issues about which Centrafuse gets a lot of crap from its customers. Their response is usually that bluetooth connectivity is controller by the 3rd party BT stack, BlueSoleil. If something connects, disconnects, temporarily shuts down etc, it's most likely BlueSoleil's fault. In other words, if BT doesn't work - tough luck :-/
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    Correct. Since Centrafuse, dosen't create, own or have access to 3rd-party app code (like the YouTube app), it's not really possible for them to support those apps. Sort of like the way Apple doesn't actually provide technical support for any of the apps in their have to deal with the app developer directly. And as has been documented literally a million times, the BlueSoliel BT stack has a number of problems with iPhones. This isn't a case of CF passing the buck, since BlueSoliel is the ONLY provider of BT software that makes a hands-free and streaming media profile available via an API to 3rd-party developers. There is no alternative to using thier BT stack, unless you plan on writing your own (and PLEASE do, if that's something you're interested in doing). As for not being able to switch back to the BT streaming media app once you've left it...THAT's something CF can look at. Please post a support ticket on the Centrafuse forums and I'll try to take a look at what's happening in the streaming media app.



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